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Our minimum shipping quantity for chicks is 15. There is a minimum of 5 per sex and breed. We reserve the right to change order minimums as needed.

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Bobwhite Quail

Currently Unavailable

Generally, the Bobwhite Quail is known more in wildlife and hunting activities than for its domestic qualities like the eggs and meat they yield. They are wonderful egg layers and have a lot of the same qualities as their cousin, the Coturnix. But unlike the Coturnix, the Bobwhite is native to the US and gets its name from the very sound it makes. {{br}} Purpose: Eggs, Game, Meat Production: 150 Small Cream Eggs/Year Temperament: Flighty Mature Weight: 5-6 oz. Hardiness: Cold and Heat Hardy Broodiness: Rarely {{br}} {{b}} MINIMUM ORDER 30 - STRAIGHT RUN ONLY {{/b}}


Coturnix Quail

Currently Unavailable

Coturnix Quail are great backyard birds! Since they are considered domestic quail, they do not require any permits to own. With their small body size, they can easily be set up in a pen on your deck, in your garage, or the backyard. Females are fantastic egg layers that lay as many eggs as a productive chicken as early as 6-8 weeks of age. Males are great for meat production or breeding. They are ready to process at 8 weeks of age. Quail eggs are known for being healthy and packed with flavor. All you need is a serrated knife to open them. Rare and standard colors could be included – Tuxedo, Tibetan, Pastel, Pansy, Italian, Falb Fee, Grau Fee, Jumbo, Brown, White, Golden Fawn, Silver, Pearl, Snowy, Rosetta, and many more! {{br}} Purpose: Eggs, Meat, Game Production: 250 Small Speckled Eggs/Year Temperament: Flighty Mature Weight: 3-4 oz. Hardiness: Cold and Heat Hardy Broodiness: Rarely {{br}} {{b}}**Order Minimum 30 for shipping*

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